Reclassification of chemical material 100-79-8

Please read in full if you use an Augeo base in your products with the CAS number 100-79-8 (which you will find on the Safety Data Sheet for your product). Please refer to your Augeo supplier for full details or if you have any related questions, but below is a summary of the change for your information.

In July 2023, Augeo® provided confirmation of their reclassification of their Augeo® products as toxic to reproduction category 2 (REP 2; H361) when used in any product at 3% or higher.

Self Classification 

This is a self classification and not a formal legal reclassification. Augeo will carry out further testing and if the results are replicated then the classification will likely become a formal legal reclassification, if the results are not replicated then the self classification could be reversed.

What this means for now

GSH08If you make any product that contains 3% or more, then a ‘GHS08: Health hazard’ pictogram and precautionary statement ‘suspected of causing damage to fertility and the unborn child’ will need to be added to your labels.

It should also be noted that a Tactile warning sticker should also be applied to your product. Please read guidelines on this via a trusted source online.

I would recommend you speak to your Augeo supplier or your local Trading Standards if you have questions regarding relabelling of any existing stock.

Important – Please be aware
The adverse effects observed during the testing were associated with ‘oral ingestion at high levels’ (i.e. Augeo entering via the mouth) and NOT ‘inhalation at low levels’ (which is what typically happens when being used in a diffuser for example) therefore Augeo is still safe to use for its intended use.

I have added this above statement to our website as an interim measure, and should the classification be made formal and legal, then all of my CLP Guidance notes relating to Augeo will also be updated.


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