Christmas Clam Shells

£1.32£94.80 Including VAT

  • Shallow enough to fit in a Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ size box.
  • Approximate dimensions when closed are 147mm high (including Euro hook), 65mm wide and 18mm deep.
  • Hold around 60g of wax when full.
  • Made in the UK, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible, and supporting British business.
  • They are made of recycled food-grade PET 500-micron plastic, so are environmentally friendly and they are fully recyclable. Please note due to them being recycled PET they are not crystal clear.
  • Recommended maximum pour temperature is 55-60°C. We have tested to pour temperatures of up to 70°C with no splitting or distortion.
  • Close securely and easy to open. Euro hook for hanging displays.


christmas clamshell
Christmas Clam Shells
£1.32£94.80 Including VAT Select options
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