Many of you will know that we are slowly taking on a lot of oils from Silkmagik Oils, and that we are also transferring some of our oils to a new manufacturer. We want to continue to keep you up to date with some changes that will be happening soon.

We currently stock two versions of Emerald & Ivory fragrance oil, one is the original Oasis Oils version and the other is the original Silkmagik version. The Silkmagik Emerald & Ivory FLOWER will continue to be stocked. There is plenty of stock if the Emerald & Ivory LAUNDRY if you want to stock up on it.

We will also be replacing the following oils with new versions once current stock is gone:

Thorough Testing

Our oils are only replaced with new versions once we have thoroughly tested them. We use a panel of testers to blind test our original versions with the new versions. The replacements mentioned above were all preferred by the majority of our panel of testers. Of course, the quality of these oils is as you would expect from Oasis Oils. We hope that you will be as pleased with them as we are.

Currently we stock the original version of Silkmagik’s Silky Sakura oil. The oil, at 10% in a non-hazardous base, triggers the hazard statement ‘Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child (oral)’. This means this hazard is only relevant if the fragrance is ingested (eaten/drunk). Meaning it is perfectly safe to use in wax and other products as long as they are not ingested. Although, it is still required to be shown on your final product packaging. We have had this oil reformulated to remove the ingredients that trigger this hazard, so this oil will also be replaced soon too.

It will be clear on the product listing on our website when there has been a change. Please do keep a look out for those messages so that you know it is a different oil, and that you need to download new documents and CLP etc.

Thanks as always for your continued support.


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