Five new seasonal fragrances have been added to our product range and are now available for you to order to use for your own Autumn and Christmas products. They are: Christmas Eve Cinnamon & Warm Ginger Santa’s Helper Snowberry & Mistletoe and Vanilla Noel

So you can experience any of the oils in our new range there will be a 40% discount offer on all new 50ml sizes for the next four days. Add the coupon code NEW40 at the checkout. Offer expires midnight Monday 16th September.

Other new oils

Three more new oils have also been added to the standard range: Cherry Kisses Fizzy Pink Lemonade and Juicy Fruit these are also available as part of the same special offer to allow you to sample them yourself.

* Only one 50ml bottle of each scent per customer / order please. Any additional bottles ordered will be refunded.

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