Blue Skies Laundry Fragrance Oil

£2.93£57.60 Including VAT

A rich floral fragrance opening with lavender, gardenia and freesia supported by a heart of rose, jasmine boosted by punchy aldehydes, resting on a highly substantive base of musk amber precious woods and dry fruit.

  • Top Notes: Lavender, gardenia and freesia
  • Middle Notes: Rose, jasmine and aldehydes
  • Base Notes: Musk, amber, precious woods and dry fruit

Vanillin Content = 1%       Contains DEP

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Poppy, Vanilla & Musk Fragrance Oil

£2.93£61.20 Including VAT

Our Poppy, Vanilla & Musk Fragrance Oil is a unique floriental fragrance combining soft powdery floral notes of poppy and heliotrope, with mouthwatering nuances of fig, vanilla and tonka bean, alongside hints of earthy orris and musk.

  • Top Notes: Fig
  • Middle Notes: Poppy and orris
  • Base Notes: Tonka, vanilla, musk and heliotrope

Vanillin Content = 4.5%        Contains DEP

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Lavender Vanilla Fragrance Oil

£2.93£57.60 Including VAT

A powdery oriental fragrance with a fruity top note, supported by a rich floral woody body of rose, muguet, lily, lavender and jasmin leading to a lingering base of powdery vanilla, precious woods and amber.

  • Top Notes: Fruity
  • Middle Notes: Rose, muguet, Lavender, Jasmin and Lily
  • Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Woods and Amber

Vanillin Content = 6%         Phthalate Free

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Cotton Breeze Fragrance Oil

£2.93£57.60 Including VAT

Soft cotton comforts, lifted and caressed in a light spring, floral breeze.

  • Top Notes: Citrus lime, coconut, bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Lily flower, dried rose
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedar, woody.

Vanillin Content = None           Contains DEP

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Vanilla Lime Fragrance Oil

£2.93£57.60 Including VAT

A bright sparkling citrus fragrance with zesty limes and hints of lemon softened with creamy vanilla.

  • Top Notes: Lime
  • Middle Notes: Lemon, Orange
  • Base Notes: Vanilla

Vanillin Content = 1.2%          Phthalate Free

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Strawberry Lily Laundry Fragrance Oil

£2.93£57.60 Including VAT

This oil has been reformulated to remove the ingredient Lilial which is now banned for use in cosmetic applications. See below for new technical documents (SDS etc) for orders placed since 02.06.21.

A fresh fruity floral fragrance with green fruity top notes, strawberry, gardenia, violet and jasmine in the heart, with soft woods and vanilla.

  • Top Notes: Green, Strawberry
  • Middle Notes: Gardenia, Violet, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Woods, Vanilla

Vanillin Content = None          Phthalate Free

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