Oils of the month for August

For the whole of the month of August, the six oils listed below are our ‘Oils Of The Month’. This means that there will be 25% OFF all sizes of each of these six oils, for the whole of August.

You can use this offer to stock up, run some special offers yourself, or simply try a new oil, all with 25% off our normal prices. 

£1.36£256.50 Including VAT
From: £3.60
From: £1.80
Best Seller
From: £1.80
From: £1.80
From: £1.80

It’s our 5th birthday in August

birthday cake
August sees us celebrate our 5th Birthday. To thank you all for your support during the last five years, we have five treats lined up for you.

Treat 1

20% off everything for five days from 9pm Thursday 28th July until 9pm Tuesday 2nd August.

Treats 2, 3 & 4

Three more treats will be announced in our Facebook group during August so please make sure you join the group and have notifications enabled so you don’t miss out.

Treat 5

Five beautiful new oils will be launched at 9pm on Friday 2nd September, with a huge 30% off the 30g, 50g and 100g sizes of each oil, until 9am Monday 5th September 2022. Please follow our Facebook group, Facebook page or Instagram page to keep up to date.

Oil Reformulations

Sunkissed Fig & Dewberry Fragrance Oil

Sunkissed Fig & Dewberry Fragrance Oil will also soon be replaced with a slightly reformulated version as the original was crystallizing at room temperature on our bulk deliveries. The scent remains the same but please download the updated versions of the CLP, SDS, IFRA and Allergen Report for your own records.

Eventus Fragrance Oil

Our Eventus (Original) and Eventus (Body Safe) fragrance oils have now been replaced with a single Eventus fragrance oil which still smells the same as the original. It’s now body safe and has a much better IFRA level for 10a.

Juicy Fruit Fragrance Oil

Juicy Fruit fragrance oil will also be reformulated soon to increase the flashpoint of the oil. This is due to recent COMAH Registration (lower tier) and HSE Safe Handling of flammable materials, and therefore the original Juicy Fruit fragrance oil can no longer be manufactured on site (at the manufacturers) due to its low flashpoint.

Permanent Special Offers

We have a permanent ‘Special Offers’ section on our website. In this section, you will find oils with up to 70% off. They will mostly be oils that either we have lots of stock of or oils that have a short date on them. If they have a short date, it will be a minimum of four months left until the ‘Best Used By’ date. If any oil has less than four months before its ‘Best Used By’ date, we will add that information to the oil’s listing on the website.

These offers change regularly depending on our stock, so please check the ‘Special Offer’ section whenever you visit the website.

Text Service

text messageIn addition to our monthly newsletter, our website blog, and our social media pages and group, we also now have a text service. We will use this service only to alert you to the information you might like to know, such as special offers, flash sales, important updates or new oils for example.

If you would like to sign up, please visit our website. You will find the sign-up on the top right-hand corner of the page if you are using a PC or a laptop, and at the top of the menu if you are using a mobile device.

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