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There are now five more beautiful fragrance oils available for purchase as part of our ever-growing collection.

All new oils are available with a 30% discount* on 30g, 50g and 100g sizes until Monday 5th September at 9.00am. Your discount will be applied automatically at the checkout.

* Maximum of one bottle per scent at discount price

Daffodil & Vanilla Flower Fragrance Oil

From: £3.90

Capturing the joys of a spring morning, this fragrance opens with a floral bouquet complemented by orchard fruits. The sweet,
balsamic base adds depth to the composition.

  • Top Notes: Fruits and floral
  • Middle Notes: Daffodil and violet
  • Base Notes: Caramel, vanilla and balsam

Vanillin Content = 0.5%       Contains DEP

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Blue Skies Laundry Fragrance Oil

From: £3.90

A rich floral fragrance opening with lavender, gardenia and freesia supported by a heart of rose, jasmine boosted by punchy aldehydes, resting on a highly substantive base of musk amber precious woods and dry fruit.

  • Top Notes: Lavender, gardenia and freesia
  • Middle Notes: Rose, jasmine and aldehydes
  • Base Notes: Musk, amber, precious woods and dry fruit

Vanillin Content = 1%       Contains DEP

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Almond Milk & Manuka Honey Fragrance Oil

From: £3.90

A caring floral fragrance opening with fresh aldehydic nuances, delicate violet and soft, milky notes leading to a heart of rose, jasmine, peony and lavender. All of this is supported by a base of amber, woods, soft musk and a hint of sweet honey.

  • Top Notes: Green, violet, aqua and milk
  • Middle Notes: Rose petals, jasmine, lavender and peony
  • Base Notes: Musk, amber, wood and honey

Vanillin Content = None       Contains DEP

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Soft Vanilla Fragrance Oil

From: £3.90

A soft vanilla fragrance, with hints of coconut and white floral notes, on a sweet musk base.

  • Top Notes: Coconut and vanilla
  • Middle Notes: Vanilla and floral
  • Base Notes: Musk

Vanillin Content = 2.3%    Contains DEP

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Sandalwood & Patchouli Fragrance Oil

From: £3.90

A rich, warm woody fragrance with patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood and hints of vetivert rounded by hints of cinnamon.

  • Top Notes: Fir needle
  • Middle Notes: Cinnamon leaf
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, sandalwood, vetivert and cedarwood

Vanillin Content = 1%    Contains DEP

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Frosted Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil

From: £3.90

An aromatic accord opening with fresh aldehydes, cool eucalyptus and soft fruity aspects leading to a heart of muguet, peony and ylang. The rich background of patchouli and musk brings the fragrance to a close.

  • Top Notes: Aldehydic, eucalyptus, camphor, peach, rhubarb and apple
  • Middle Notes: Ylang, green, muguet and peony
  • Base Notes: Musk and patchouli

Vanillin Content = 0.2%

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Festive Fragrance Oil Bundle


After numerous requests we have split our Festive Bundle and you can now buy the 100g bottles separately. Scent descriptions are available in the ‘Description’ tab below. SDS & CLP are available in the ‘Technical Documents’ tab below. Grab your half price Christmas Clams in our Packaging Section too.

  • Christmas Tree (100g)
  • Cocoa & Cuddles (100g)
  • Cosy Fireside (100g)
  • Forest Snowfall (100g)
  • Mulled Wine (100g)
  • Sparkling Frosted Cranberries (100g)
This is a limited stock offer, once all are sold, there will be no more available.
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